GSP Rescue Service

About Badyl

Badyl is a 5 yr old, liver & white castrated, male, he is undocked, vaccinated and microchipped.

He is both house and crate trained and can be left for short periods and is used to sleeping on the couch and will bark at the postman, he can be wary of strangers and needs time to get used to them. He can also open, doors, fridges, bins and even jars!

Badlyl has lived with an 18month old child. He is fine with other dogs and he loves to play, but can be a bit too playful and likes to play rough.  He lives with 2 cats  and sleeps with them but will still chase when outside, he  is also squirrel obsessed like a lot of GSP’s.

He needs a lot of exercise and is used to running along with the bike.

He’s fine on the lead but is walked on a halt alongside the pushchair.

His recall is good unless he is distracted by something.

He also travels in the car very well and travels in a plane transporter cage.

Likes:  Treats, food (he is food obsessed), playing with dogs and people he knows and cuddling.

 Dislikes: Water & swimming.


Interested in Rehoming Me?

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