Cindy & Penny

GSP Rescue Service

About Cindy & Penny

Cindy & Penny are two pretty liver and white, 7 year old bitch’s, they are litter sisters and joined at the hip,  both are neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. Both dogs are house trained but not crate trained.


Is excellent with other dogs and good with kids of all ages and good with Strangers.

Not sure what she’s like with cats or Poultry or if she’s prey driven, but is good with livestock, and is used to  horses.

She’s not bad on the lead but does pull, she is happy to sit/stay on command & responds to her name.

She does have a fatty lump on her side but this has been checked and passed by the vet.


Is good with all ages of kids and strangers.

Not sure what she’s like with cats but good with livestock and horses but not sure if she is prey driven or around poultry,

Penny’s very good on the lead & doesn’t pull, she knows sit/stay & responds to her name.

Both girls are good if left alone in the house & can be left a few hours, they spend their days at home & nights either on the sofa or on there bed’s.

They are good in the car & love walking, running, their bad habits are eating manure.

Currently in Devon

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