GSP Rescue Service

About Cooper

This is cooper  a 14 months old entire male who will need castrated

He is a liver and white spotted and ticked dog with beautiful markings

He has been docked, microchipped and vaccinated, he is both house and crate trained and travels well in the car.

Cooper is a very active dog loves being outdoors especially in long grass or wooded areas he needs lots of exercise

His prey drive is high towards birds he instinctively flushes them out of the grass

He is food motivated and obedient as long as there is treats around, although his recall could do with some work as not 100% he knows sit, paw, down, wait, leave and bed

He’s a young dog and gets very excited around people when he first see’s them he does jump up and is powerful.

He can pull on the lead but walks in a halti

Likes; attention, food and walks

Currently in North East


Interested in Rehoming Me?

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