GSP Rescue Service

About Dotty

Dotty is a black & white, 9yr old bitch who is microchipped, spayed & has been happily living with a Male GSP cross for the past 3 yrs & before that a terrier.

Her vaccinations are out of date & will need to be re starting.  Dot has a very good temperament & sweet nature. Loves people & is very friendly. She’s fine with other dogs, children, strangers & lived with cats up until 3 yrs ago.

Dot has basic training but in the last couple yrs lapsed with her recall in the woods & fields, due to her catching birds, pheasants, squirrels & bringing them back but she is ok with livestock & has good recall at home, as she currently had a couple acres to roam. Dotty can pull when first walking but then settles.

Dot is house trained & can be left for up to 4hrs but due to change in circumstances & a relationship breakdown Dotty is being left longer than normal & can wee in the home, if left for longer periods.

She’s sadly not getting the exercise/walks & attention she deserves.

She travels well & loves running, playing & cuddling up on the sofa.

Dislikes fireworks. 

Currently in Gloustershire


Interested in Rehoming Me?

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