GSP Rescue Service

About Dukie

Dukie is pretty liver, 22 month old, docked bitch she is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

She is good with other dogs but is used to living on her own She is good around children although can be bouncy  and is ok with strangers and usually very friendly.

She is good around sheep, cattle and horses but she will bark at cats and chase.

She can pull on the lead a little but and her recall is good she will respond to the whistle for recall, she understands sit , come, down.

Dukie is fine if left for short periods and travels well.

Her likes include: toys, long walks and retrieving sticks  Dislikes: Fireworks or being in a separate room for too long.

She is used to 3 long walks a day.



Currently in Newcastle.

Interested in Rehoming Me?