Hudson is a lovely liver and white docked, 8month old GWP, who is microchipped and up to date with his vacs.

He is at the age where he wants to test boundaries and needs firm, fair and consistent handling so he understand how he needs to behave.

He is house trained, good to travel in the car and good with strangers. He has had some basic training, he pulls on the lead and will need work on recall.

He is not currently livestock or cat tested although seems to have a low prey drive.

Hudson does like to counter surf and will try to pinch food off the surfaces if given the chance. He does seem to have a degree of separation anxiety and will become distressed if left so will need time and consistancy spent on him to work on this.

He is a typical juvenile and needs time, patience and consistency spent to bring out the best in him.

If you would like more information about Hudson, please contact