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About Hunter

Hunter, is a 4yr old liver & white ticked entire Male, (will need to be castrated), he is vaccinated & microchipped.

He is both housetrained and crate trained and travels well in the car. He walks well on a slip lead, although gets excited when leaving the house, he settles down quickly when reaching the park. He has good recall and answers to both name & whistle.

He has all basic training and has had sundog training at classes Commands known: Sit, Come, Down, go back, get on, get out he is also Whistle trained to recall, hunt and sit whistle.

Hunter is playful with other dogs and has lived with them in the past. He has also been brought up with children and is extremely careful around young children

With strangers he is friendly and playful

He currently lives with 2 cats and loves young kittens and likes to act like a big brother and takes good care and is careful around them.

Livestock: Has been exposed to live stock and has never shown any kind of interest what so ever

He can be left for short periods of time and always finds the sofa area a nice place to wait and has never destroyed anything. however he is used to having someone around most of the time.

Likes: Running, other dogs. Very cuddly and clever dog.

Only thing he will not do, is not pick up any rabbits or pheasants.

Bad habits: He likes to jump up when I get home from work. But settles very quickly.

Only for rehoming as owner moving abroad and unable to take him.

He would like a family with kids that he can play and be loved, that take him on long walks and give him the love that he is used to. He is currently raw fed.

Currently in East Yorkshire


Interested in Rehoming Me?

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