Indi is a very friendly, rising 3, liver and white GSP X Visla. She is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.

She is house trained and loves children. She loves attention and can get a bit excitable when visitors call, and loves all people of all ages. She could live with another dog but will chase cats, has been fine on the lead round livestock but never been loose around them.

She is very fit and normally gets 2 X 2-4 mile beach/grassland/woodland walks a day (about 6-12 miles at least as she doesn’t stop running about). She is very loving and would sit on your knee all day, but can be a bit over facing at times 😂. She is a bit of a puller on the lead, and has a short attention span for healing, but her recall is ok

Indi is intelligent and has basic training and knows; turn around / sit /wait /paw / other paw / say sorry (licks your ear)

She’s not a big fan of tractors/big waggons/trailers, but she travels ok herself in a car. She also enjoys rolling in dead animals, eating dead animals, although will normally stop unless it’s too smelly to resist.

Indi is looking for a new home through no fault of her own and is a lovely dog.

Currently In South Lakes

If you are interested in Indi you must send an expression of interest form to