This is cheeky, friendly 11 month old Jack. (Dad was black GSP, mum a Beagle x Spaniel)

He’s a wild child having been bought as a companion to a teenager with learning disabilities who couldn’t cope with a lively puppy.

Unfortunately he is a Lockdown Puppy so didn’t get socialised much outside the house but very friendly with other dogs. Hasnt had the opportunity to do training classes and the family dynamics just weren’t right for him. He is affectionate and intelligent. He will need a loving consistent family who is prepared to teach him to be the amazing dog he has potential to be. He will need to be taught boundaries as he is only a puppy.

He is a counter surfer and loves to steal and chew things that he shouldn’t. He has had a couple accidents within the home & will need to be reminded with house his training, but that’s possibly because he is unsettled and unsure what to do at his foster home, where he has only been for a week. He travels well, fell asleep in a crate in the car down to his foster home, but can be very vocal in the house, reacting excitedly to noises, greeting visitors and generally just letting you know he is about for attention. He will sneak onto the bed at night, though he has his own bed.

Jack needs a family who’s willing to put the work in. He’s a wonderful friendly enthusiastic 11mth lad. He loves water and swimming and chasing about with other dogs.

He cant live with cats or other small animals, but will be fine with an another dog or bitch. He isnt tested around livestock & chickens.

He is neutered, has a fluffy waggy tail and all his vaccinations are up to date. Comes with Agria 5 weeks free insurance. Adoption contract & a lifetimes support.

If you would like more information about Jack, please contact Kath on 07759773721