Jeffy is a lovely liver and white docked,1year old GWP, entire male who will need to be castrated.

He is both house and crate trained and has some basic training but needs further training.

He is good with other dogs and great with children as has lived with 5.

He does like to be with people and can be needy and can open doors.

He is house trained, good to travel in the car and good with strangers. He has had some basic training, he pulls on the lead and will need work on recall.

He is not currently livestock or cat tested although seems to have a low prey drive.

Jeffy loves to counter surf and will try to pinch food off the surfaces if given the chance. He also likes to raid bins if given the chance and can jump over baby gates 🙂

He is a typical juvenile and needs time, patience and consistency spent to bring out the best in him. He loves food so should be good to train further.

Based S. Yorkshire

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