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About Kaiser

Kaiser is a 5 yr old, liver & white castrated, male, he is docked and microchipped.
He is housetrained and has lived with children in the past. He is used to being an only dog but is friendly with other dogs. He can pull but his recall is good.
He is fine to travel in the car and likes to get out and about. He loves Cuddles, is very affectionate and enjoys long walks and can be left for short periods of time.
Kaiser is a loving, loyal, affectionate dog, he is good with children though he is a big dog and can be clumsy, he’s a big softie. He loves/ craves attention and love, he loves being stroked, tickled, hugged, patted and generally made a fuss of. He will sit on your feet when you relax and will but his head on your knee when you sit down. He likes nothing more than to be in front of a fire, he also loves being in the sun. He has a big personality and is very enthusiastic. If someone comes round to the house he will bound to see them and get attention. He can have selective hearing and isn’t brilliant on the lead and wants to be free. He loves the beach and the field and will chase birds, rabbits and foxes given the chance. He mixes well with people and other dogs.
Kaiser is a foodie and will counter surf and look for food when you eat. He will eat things he shouldn’t when out and sometimes gets bad tummies.   He has not been caged since coming through house training as a pup. He doesn’t chew or scratch furniture. He has his bed permanently in the kitchen and mats in the lounges.  He has a treat when he comes in from a walk and half a treat straight before bed, he will remind you if you forget – he won’t!
He is very fit and healthy and was castrated around three months ago.
He can be possessive so getting a ball off him can be a challenge, another ball in your hand will get him to leave or a treat is good. When out he gets a third of a gravy bone as a reward if need be every time he does something.
Currently in North Wales

Interested in Rehoming Me?

please send to dawn@gsprescue.co.uk