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About Maisey

Maisey is a lovely liver and white, 8 year old bitch, she is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

Good with other dogs but has lived alone.

She is house trained and travels well in a car.

Unfortunately Maisy cannot be left alone at home, she suffers with severe separation anxiety.

Maisy suffers from separation anxiety, she cannot be left alone at home. Her current owners are successfully leaving her for 4 hours, one day a week with another dog for company and Maisy is coping fine with this.

She is used to living on her own but gets on well with other dogs at day care.

She cannot live with cats and will chase livestock so must be kept on lead around them.

She is generally good on the lead but can pull a little bit. Her recall is good unless she catches a scent of a deer etc.

She knows her basic cues: Sit, Come, Stay.

Maisy broke her right hock when she was 2, she had corrective surgery for this and can still happily manage about an hour a day off lead with no problems. She can walk for longer if kept on lead.

She loves going to the beach and having a good run and swim. She also loves to have a snooze in a sunny spot too.

She doesn’t like the hoover and can be a little nervous of large vehicles passing her on a road.

She can be a little monkey and will try to steal from bins or the counter top.

Maisy needs a loving home where is will not need to be left alone without the company of another dog, or where arrangements for day care can be made. She is great with children as she grew up with them and great with other dogs so would be happy to live with either.

Currently in Scotland

Interested in Rehoming Me?

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