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About Monty

Monty is a handsome Liver & White, castrated 9yr year old male. Previously lived on his own but happy being in foster with 4 bitches (Heaven lol).  He’s a contented little soul & happy to be left for a few hours.

He does love to chase cats, rabbits & very interested in livestock.

Monty is microchipped & has had a couple lumps removed from his back legs, with no problems at all. Vets were very impressed with what a lovely boy he is.

Monty loves walks (he would rather do his business out on a walk than in the garden), running on the beach, going in the car, playing with toys & cuddling on the sofa.

His recall is good, treat assisted (apart from chasing cats) & he has very good mannerisms throughout. He’s fine with other dogs & socialises well but put on a lead around staffies as he had been attacked by a staffie a few years ago & badly injured with extensive surgery & it was a long road to recovery.

Monty doesn’t like thunder, lightening & fireworks, he needs reassurance & cuddles.

When visitors come to the door, Monty can bark with excitement & his tail doesn’t stop wagging.

He’s a very happy chappie who through pure excitement, can occasionally nip & loves to talk to you. To help Monty with his excitement he’s given toys (Fluffy hedgehog/penguin) to pick up & carry around until his excitement has subsided or he’s even happy to pick up shoes/slippers, this helps him loads. He does enjoy his toys & pleasing in general & of course humans. Loves people of all ages but ideally would live happily with older children & adults.

Monty has bowed front legs, which gives him an unusual movement but he’s happy to run & play with no problems. He just enjoys life & would benefit from  loosing a few kilo’s.

in Somerset


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