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About Murphy

Murphy is a gorgeous Liver & White Ticked, 8yr old castrated lad who’s being rehomed due to a change in circumstances. He’s spending more time in his crate during the day & also goes to doggy day care. Murphy’s Kennel cough vaccine & vaccinations are up to date, along with he’s microchipped.

He is both house & crate trained, good in the car but whines with excitement when he thinks you’re at your destination.

He’s always lived with older children & adores them, he would be happy to live his days with an active family who have time for him. He has a very high prey drive, even seeing a cat in the street. Murphy’s not bothered by cattle or horses.

He unfortunately will need someone around most of the time to help with his SA but when he has company, he’s as happy as Larry. If left he can be destructive & likes to counter surf & open doors. He doesn’t go upstairs unless no one’s at home & can pace if bored. Murphy loves to be out & about, he loves to run either along side you or a bike but will need to be on a harness due to his prey drive. If he’s off lead, he loves the beach.

He’s good with other dogs but doesn’t like dominant males & normally gives them a wide birth. He barks at strangers but settles quickly & happy to return to his bed. Murphy can rush to the door with excitement when you have visitors, so will need to be addressed. He has a good basic training & comes back to the whistle better than his name but only without prey distractions.

Currently In Devon


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