GSP Rescue Service

About Pippy

 Pippy is pretty microchipped, vaccinated bitch. She will need to be spayed. She currently lives with both children and cats, has seen horses and and cattle but never seen sheep and chickens.

She is a high energy dog and needs plenty of stimulation, when out she can pull on the lead but has good recall, she also travels well.

She would suit a home where someone has the time to put in training her and keep her stimulated and give her lots of love and cuddles.

 Pippy is a beautiful intelligent girl, she is very affectionate, loves to be around people and protective of the children and the house. She loves exercise and to run.

She is a great dog, very loving and very smart. She has a strong temperament and needs a lot of attention, as she can be quite stubborn. She loves to run and be with other dogs. She is a very highly-strung GSP and hence requires her energy to be channelled positively. she is looking for a home where she can have a job such as working, agility or enjoy cani-sports.

She is currently raw fed as this really suits her really well.

Currently in East Yorkshire

Interested in Rehoming Me?

and send to dawn@gsprescue.co.uk