GSP Rescue Service

About Purdey

Purdey is a beautiful 6yr old liver and white girl, she is docked vaccinated and microchipped and is both house and has been crate trained in past but no longer goes in and she travels well in the car.

She can be funny/snappy with some dogs but is fine with the other male gsp she lives with, she is not good with cats and is untested with cattle but is prey driven towards birds and squirrels and deer.

She is fine with kids but can be wary of strangers

She has basic training and knows Sit, stay, leave, lie, down and back. She is great on the lead and her recall is good she can be stubborn and needs a whistle at times which she is very good on (as she pretends she can’t hear!)

She is fine when left as long as there are no temptations but needs more stimulation than she is getting.

She likes: Long walks, catching ball, love to be allowed on the sofa for cuddles.

She dislikes: Doesn’t like being picked up.

Bad habits: Going through bins, counter surfing, eating things she shouldn’t. She cannot eat anything but dry food it makes her tummy bad. Will wee sometimes when excited. She is a huge foodie and is always looking for food. She will jump onto your kitchen side and ram sack the bread bin at any given chance. Will eat anything she finds on a walk. Can be very excitable and vocal and dominant. She is headstrong and will not listen if she’s after prey.

Purdey is looking for a loving home where she can be around people for a good amount of the day, a nice quiet home where she can relax and enjoy nice long walks and human company.

Currently in Bristol


Interested in Rehoming Me?

please send to dawn@gsprescue.co.uk