Ralph is a handsome docked 6 month old old, liver and and white ticked entire male, who is vaccinated and microchipped, who will need neutered per our adoption agreement.

He is a lovely boy but still very young, bouncy and gets very excited around strangers and still requires ALOT of training.

He has attended puppy classes but still needs ongoing training. His recall could be better so will need worked on but he walks fine on the lead. He can pull on the lead although this is getting better and his recall needs practice but is ok wish if there are no distractions, he has been getting used to the whistle for recall.

Ralph is very friendly with other dogs and could possibly do with having an older stable dogs around him as he can get very excited and want to play all the time. He has not been cat tested and has not really been round them much and the same goes for livestock, chickens and small furries, so we are unsure of his level of prey drive as this has not been put to the test.

He loves going out for walks and would love a family to love him and play with, as he loves attention. He has lived with a 6yr old boy who he is fine with but very boisterous when they play so we would recommend children of 10yrs plus.

He is a typical young GSP who has had very little boundaries so really needs someone who is experienced with the breed and can give clear boundaries and consistency, he loves to counter surf, jump up at people, up on the furniture and generally is a little wild child.

He does NOT like to be left and will bark when left, so this will need addressed.

Ralph needs a quiet, very experienced home that can give him the time and consistency to work with him and bring out the best in him, we would prefer a home where he will have some sort of a job that can stimulate him and he can thrive.

He is currently located in Lancashire.

If you are interested in Ralph please send in and expression of interest for which can be found on the link below http://www.gsprescue.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Expression-of-Interest-Form-2016-New-3.pdf