GSP Rescue Service

About Rhea

Rhea is pretty solid liver, 15 month old bitch she is microchipped and vaccinated.

She was crate trained when younger but since being housetrained has had the run of the living room.

She is good with other dogs but is equally used to living on her own. She is good around children although can be bouncy  and is ok with strangers and usually very friendly but can jump up.

She has seen sheep and horses and just sat and watched them but she is not cat tested.

She can be strong and pulls on the lead a little so is sometimes walked on a harness or a halti, her recall is ok unless she is distracted playing with other dogs, she has basic training and understands sit , paw, down, spin, bed high 5 and get the ball.

Rhea is fine if left for short periods and travels well in a car.

Her likes include: playing outside with other dogs 

Currently in Scotland

Interested in Rehoming Me?