GSP Rescue Service

About Rocky

Rocky is a lovely black & white ticked, 8yr old,  castrated male,  he is microchipped and vaccinated.

Rocky is both house & crate trained and has basic training. He is good with children but would be better with older children as he can be bouncy.

He gets on with other dogs but will chase cats and is not livestock tested.

His recall is not great but he will come when in an enclosed space or garden, he can be strong on the lead and he travels well in the car.

Likes; sunbathing, carrots and curling up on the sofa.

Dislikes; hosepipe & fireworks

He doesn’t need overly long walks to get tired out and will sleep most of the day and sleeps all night. He will play with pups when at the pet sitters and still thinks he is one himself at times.

Rocky has never really been into toys. But if squeaky toys are around his ears prick up and would grab his attention. Loves rolling on his back on a rug to get a good itch or also likes belly rubs.

He likes to counter surf and would like to clear your food off your plate from table, so you need to have it out of reach of him and same goes for any food on counter tops in kitchen if not being attended too.

He has a very caring nature and loves to snuggle.

Currently In Scotland

Interested in Rehoming Me?

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