GSP Rescue Service

About Rudi

Rudi is a lovely liver & white ticked boy, approx 18months old,  castrated male,  he is docked, microchipped and vaccinated.

He is housetrained and very friendly but can be cautious with strangers. He has not been round children but is very gentle so we would prefer a home with older children for him as he can be playful and bouncy and needs further training. He loves to run and please so may be a possible candidate for any canine sports home that have the time to train him or simply a loving pet home.

He gets on well with other dogs but is untested with cats and walks past livestock without any issues.

 He travels well in the car, his recall is getting better and he is starting to respond to the whistle.

Likes; love and affection and smelling.

Bad habits; he likes to pinch food and counter surf at the moment as well as going through a chewy stage that we are sure he will grow out of given the right stimulation to keep him occupied.

He has a very caring nature and loves to snuggle.

 He is apparently bright, active, alert and happy and very very friendly with everyone.

Available April


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