GSP Rescue Service

About Sam

Sam is a 8 1/2 month old, black, GSP x Lab, he is vaccinated and microchipped.

He had received a basic training  and he knows the commands  sit, stay, come here, give paw etc. He is also trained with recall commands both verbally and to whistle to which he responds well. However he does still mouth sometimes.

He is ok around other animals like sheep, horses or cows on the fields in the distance. When walking pass them, he is always kept  on the lead and he doesn’t pull in their direction or bark.  He is OK with cats (as he lives with 2) and allows them to walk past him to go from outside to another room etc. Although hasn’t been left on his own with them in the same room.

Sam is very good with other dogs and loves to play. He is not OK with small animals like rabbits and birds as like loves to chase them.

He has not been around children but is very good with strangers and will be stroked or played with. From a young puppy he was fully socialised with people and other dogs, and used to be handled by children.

He travels well in the car and is trained to simply lie down on the back seat. He likes to play with his toys. He is also trained to wait for his food and only go for it if given a command to do so.

Sam is house trained and can be left on his own for periods.

He doesn’t like to be washed outside and he doesn’t like to have his back paws cleaned but is fine with his front paws.


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