Sully is 7 years old. He was living with a family with two children and a chihuahua until earlier this year.

Sadly when lockdown lifted and they returned to work and school he developed separation anxiety and became destructive. Consequently he was kept in his crate all day and he developed an obsession with shadow and light reflection chasing, which is quite distressing to witness.

After months of rehab, which will need to be continued, he now knows that chewing a bone or toy is much more fun and only gets put in his crate for a short time out and if absolutely necessary.

He loves cuddles and playing with a tuggy and chases balls, though his retrieve needs work. He loves to run, though we only take him to a secure dog park at the moment as his recall isn’t good. He pulls hard on lead at the beginning of walks and is easily distracted by birds, squirrels and cats.

His reaction to meeting other dogs on lead is mixed, but he happily walks with our 5 year old male GSP on lead with same person holding them both. He is fine with older children from aged 8 upwards and would probably live with another dog after they were introduced correctly so they would need to meet.

He is a definite no to cats or other small animals, however he doesn’t mind walking in a field with horses or cows when on lead and sees hens in a neighbours garden as we pass and no longer reacts, though I’m sure he would if they were in same space as him.

He will sleep from about 8pm till you get him up, and if that’s early he goes back to bed after a visit to the garden. He loves to cuddle up beside you with his head on your lap.

He knows sit, stay, (got him up to 3 minutes on a sit stay and about 90 seconds on a down stay, with no distractions). Will wait till he’s told he can have his food too. His shadow/reflection chasing and anxiety has eased, but he will need constant reassurance and training to keep up his confidence.

He needs a home where he won’t be left alone, if he can be your constant companion and go everywhere with you that would be amazing. He does bark at the window if someone walks passed and greets visitors very enthusiastically. He will need a lot of onward training, reassurance, so time and patience will be essential to give this loving boy the happy life he deserves.

If you think you can offer him a suitable home or would like further information, please call Kath on 07759773721.