GSP Rescue Service

About Zeva

Zeva is a lovely solid black, 9 year old bitch, she is spayed, docked and microchipped but will need vaccinated.

She is used to living with other dogs and is used to living in a kennel but has spent time inside the house, so will need a little house training and travels well in a car. she has very basic training as can be very stubborn.

Zeva has no experience with children and will therefore be re-homed in a childfree environment. She gets gets very excited will jump up at strangers.

She cannot not be mixed with cats as will chase and attack them and is currently untested with live stock/Sheep/Cattle/Horses/Chickens etc

Zeva will pull on the lead to start with but settles eventually, she has no constant recall in open areas and this will depend on distractions and what mood she is in.

She is inquisitive and we would recommend crate training if she is going to be left as she likes to investigate and counter surf.

Likes – Cuddles, laying in sun, food.

Dislikes – Being made to do things, very stubborn.

 Fears – Fireworks

This lovely girl just wants a nice relaxed home where she can have some fun and a nice soft bed to curl up in with a human to share cuddles with…could this be you?…..she would love to be rehomed with her friend fudge but they can be separated if need be.

 Currently in Lincolnshire

Interested in Rehoming Me?

If you are interested please send your expression of interest for to mandy@active-paws.com