GSP Rescue Service

About Zeus

Zeus is a handsome Liver & White, castrated 4/5yr old male, who is vaccinated and microchipped, he is not used to children and so we would prefer a child free home for him.

He is both crate and house trained and is good on the lead, although can pull at times as he is used to walking off lead. His recall is 50/50 and he can be curious and not always listen, he tends to never stray far on walks and is used to walking off lead in a large field, he also travels well in the car.

Zeus is generally good with other dogs, although can be nervous/unsure and whimper at times. He will try to chase/bark at cats if he sees them outside and is not tested round livestock.

Zeus is generally good when left for short periods, he does not cause damage around the house but can be very anxious and become upset if left alone for more than 2-3 hours

Likes: long walks, cuddly toys, pedigree jumbone treats, the beach, belly rubs, cuddles

Dislikes: strangers in his home (he is very territorial and protective), dogs that are very full on around him (as he becomes nervous), fireworks, loud noises

Bad habits ? scratching/biting at skin when anxious,  barking at people who pass his home

Zeus has arthritis to both his back legs, despite this Zeus lives a very happy energetic life, no active treatment at present and advised to walk zeus on flatter surfaces

Currently in North


Interested in Rehoming Me?

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