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Matching people with GSP’s for a lifetime of love & happiness

Welcome to GSP Rescue Service

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We do not guarantee any animal seen on the website or Facebook will be suitable for a prospective owner. Although we try our best to assess adoption dogs,

we cannot accept responsibility for its temperament once it has been re-homed.

We will usually carry out a home check prior to you taking a dog, this will be arranged at the time of contact with one of our co-ordinators.

You have to be over 18 years old to re-home from our organisation.

Please Remember

Our re-homing fee is a standard £200. Depending on the dogs re-homing situation the below may have already been done, however we strongly advise you to check to ensure everything is up-to-date.

• Micro chipping

• Vaccinations

• Flea and worming treatment

In many cases your animal will be neutered, however if this is not the case you will be expected to have this done as per our adoption agreement.

We also strongly advise that you take out insurance right from the start, so your dog will be covered for accidents and any new illnesses as they settle into their new surroundings.

ID and guidelines

When collecting your new dog, please bring with you:

A lead, collar and ready made ID tags (stating your surname and mobile phone number) for your dog to wear upon collection. It is vital that everyone who will be living with the new dog meets the animal on collection, including any other dogs/children (not cats) which will be living with the new dog

How Much Does It Cost

Our re-homing process is carefully tailored to each applicant, so please allow plenty of time. As we are a voluntary organisation with limited resources, please bear with us. We take in and re-home GSP’s from all over the UK mainland, because of this you will potentially need to travel to meet and collect your adopted GSP.

It is advisable to fill in an expression of interest form

sooner rather than later.

We keep a database of all applicants and strive to re-home the right dog with the right home so please give as much information as possible. One of our co-ordinators will then be in touch to speak with you and arrange a home check. Alternatively if you see a specific dog you are interested in please contact us via email or face book.

If you live too far away for a home visit you will need to provide a letter of recommendation from a vet or local rescue centre. In some cases we may request you ask a local rescue centre to carry out a home visit on our behalf. Please note, this doesn't automatically guarantee you'll be selected to re-home a dog from us.

Re-homing Process

GSP Rescue re-homes dogs of all ages, colours and sizes, each with its different personality and temperament. Each dog is assessed to find out it’s temperament and what sort of home, lifestyle and environment would be best suited, this will enable us to match them with the best possible forever home.

GSP’s are gundogs by nature and most require a lot of exercise and ongoing training, some come from extremely strong working lines and can be highly prey driven, which if not handled and trained correctly can lead to problems for both dog and owner. Other dogs might be relaxed about being left alone, for example, and can be left by themselves quite happily for three to four hours, whereas another can't be left alone at all as they become anxious or destructive. One could be best suited to a rural home, another to a flat in the city. Each animal is carefully reviewed and matched at the interview stage with the most suitable owner.

The German Shorthaired Pointer was developed to be a dog suited to family life as well as a versatile hunter

Please note we do not usually re-home to households where the dog will be left alone for long periods.