Fergus is 3 years old and has a zest for life. He loves to run (and run) but also is a huge snuggler who loves to share a sofa or a bed and wants to be close. 

Fergus is fine in a crate and being left alone for a few hours. He has some canine friends who he plays with well but is very nervous about meeting new dogs and his anxiety tends to get the better of him so can appear aggressive. 

He loves people, but has to get to know them on his terms (as he will bark) and as long as they ignore him for a few minutes on first meeting, he will be happy to accept fuss and strokes. Those people he meets regularly benefit from his lack of personal space and boundless love. 

One of Fergus’ great joys is being around children. He’s surprisingly gentle with them and loves to play. He’s also been very intuitive with a friend’s diabetic child when her blood sugar drops and will just sit quietly with her.  

Fergus has shown good recall and lead walking after training, but needs frequent short training sessions to maintain and reinforce this which just isn’t possible in his current home. 

Unfortunately, Fergus likes cats a little too much (his current home has 3), and whilst he has never hurt them, he chases them at every possible opportunity. He also likes counter surfing but will quietly sit whilst the family are eating. 

Currently Fergus is raw fed and he thoroughly enjoys mealtimes. He does have some allergies which despite elimination diets and help from the vet, the cause(s) have not been found. These allergies are currently being treated with a daily anti-histamine but the family are able to transfer his current insurance policy to his new home.

His family are extremely reluctant for him to leave but know that they are not able to give him the life he deserves. It’s been the most difficult decision to ask GSP Rescue to find him a happy home. 

Currently in Lancashire

If you would like more information about Fergus, please contact Kath on 07759773721