Matching people with GSP’s for a lifetime of love & happiness

Welcome to GSP Rescue Service

Small charity status number HMRC XT35889

Pointer Party Planned

Saturday 27th June 2015

A pointer party is a chance to meet the

co-ordinators and friends for a fundraising get together in support of our charity

Informal family fun time with dog show


Games & BBQ on Saturday 27th

Open to all GSP’s and any distant cousins

well behaved children also welcome

Many of our friends will be there all week

20th - 28th see ‘News’ page for more info


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We have re-homed over 2,000 German Shorthaired Pointers since 1987.

This is all done by a team of dedicated unpaid volunteers, fundraising and donations from our followers & supporters. Thank You.

Our aim is to help rescue and re-home GSP's within mainland Britain. Please contact us if you are interested in helping rescue a dog or need help with your GSP whether it is someone to talk to or if your circumstances change and you need to give up your GSP.

GSP Rescue Service operates a policy of not

re-homing aggressive dogs. We have had several instances in the past where people surrendering their dogs have not disclosed the correct facts, this can and does lead to dangerous issues.

This wonderful breed so well known for their loving and good natured temperaments do not need to be stigmatised in this way.

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Available for Adoption

Please see adoption page