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How to Donate

Donations can be made by clicking on the PayPal button on the right or direct to PayPal:

  • Please select ‘Send Money to family/friend’ as this will avoid charges to GSP Rescue.
  • Note in the message box what you are paying for also, address and postcode you want the item to go to

If you wish to make a donation by bank transfer or cheque: please Email: for address & bank details.

Please contact us if you cannot find what you want or experience a problem Email:

Donations can be made via this PayPal button


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GSP Rescue Service

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Easy Fundraising

Another great way to support the charity is to make purchases through

When ordering please do not forget to use Easy Fundraising. It’s simple to use, costs you nothing but helps the GSP’s

Click here to visit “” to register, “It’s Free”

The video onthe right shows you how it works

Easy Fundraising Video

Easy Fundraising Video



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Any Bright Ideas?

Get in touch…

If you would like to volunteer your time, experience or donate please e-mail: with your offers of help,  or any ideas for further fundraising or promotional ideas to raise our profile and to help fund support Vet care, travel and kennelling.

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